How to start a Blog | How to make money Blogging

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How to Start a Blog in 2020|Full Step By Step Guide on Blogging

what is blogging, complete blogging guide for beginers

Blogging and Making Money from Blogging are common words we hear often these days. Is It Possible to Make Money From Blogging ?. Apparently yes ! and this article is going to explain how to start a blog and how to get profitable from it. 

Most people start a blog at first, but after a few days, they stop it due to no result and they think it’s so hard to make money through blogging. Infact this is not the right thought. surely we can make money from a blog if we put in a little effort and work hard. There are many successful people who make money by Blogging.

If we work on a blog continuously, we will surely make good money through blogging.Most of the people who make money through blog can be seen as direct examples around us.Below we can find out some about their earnings through blogging.

top indian bloggers earnings 2019

When I first started the blog, I also faced a lot of problems,I did not get any result for many days at least the minimum was not coming to my blog. I was also very frustrated but I was working full time as well as continuing without stopping in the middle using the techniques I know and started working continuously. After doing so far while my blog started getting traffic and then my blog started getting revenue and since then I have started many blogs without looking back and I am now getting good income on every blog too.

What I want to tell you in this article is that I am going to share with you how you can start a blog and use that blog as a source of income. I will give you a complete notes guidance  on blogging that make you a perfect Blogger.

I hope you read this article to the end and start a blog and create a good income.

Here I am going to share my experience and stunning strategies that helped me and turned my blog some profitable. So let’s dive into the topic immediately. You will learn the listed concepts by the end of this article.

Table of Contents

1. How to Start a Blog?

how to start a blog

I am writing this article for beginners and those who know nothing about Blogging
Blog: Blogging means sharing  your thoughts and information you know with everyone  on the internet to help others. The blog is called a Niche also, Niche is considered into micro-niche and multi-niche.

The 6 Important points to start a blog:

1.Selecting a perfect Niche:

Micro-Niche: Micro-Niche is a specific topic related to the content providers.
Digital Marketing Related, Sports, Cinema, Politics, Education, Health and Hospitality, etc…,
On any topic we choose and produce content or write articles on those particular topics, this is called Micro- Niche., These both niches provide all content related to SEO, their blog posts describe Google Algorithms updates, SEO Updates, SEO Strategies, and Search Engine Marketing.

Advantages of Micro Niche:

As per my experience in blogging and being an SEO Strategist, I suggest for beginners to start blogging on Micro Niche because it is very easy to rank on search engines. Earlier it was considered that micro niches are not rank easily but now in 2020 a new concept came and I personally had experience with my micro niche blog that ranked easily and fast.finally the micro-niche is an easy thing to rank on the search engines and drive huge traffic, especially on Google.
Multi-Niche:Multi-Niche is the niche that produces content on multiple topics, it will cover all topics like Digital Marketing, Sports, Politics, cinema, Health, Education, and many more under one particular niche.

What happens with Multi-Niche:

Earlier days Multi-Niche was successful in ranking but when the new concept introduced, Micro niches are easy to get ranked on search engines.
My opinion is not that multi-niche is nothing beneficial but a little bit tough to rank fast in search engines. I hope you will have a clear picture of what is micro and multi-niches. I suggest those who want to start blog newly and earn with that simply go with microblogging on a single particular topic because micro niches are the best in ranking fast.

2.Buying Domain and Hosting

After choosing a perfect topic or niche for your blog you need to buy a domain and hosting to make your blog live on the internet. Many of you already know about what is domain and hosting and how to buy them, but for beginners, who don’t know a b c of the domain and hosting, they should know the complete process of buying domains and hosting. Here I wrote the complete domain and hosting selection and how to buy them or use the free stuff.

Let’s have a look at the domain and hosting selection process:
1.Choosing a Domain provider for Domain Name:

Before we purchase a domain name, first we have to know about the domain is what ? and what are the key factors we have to consider while purchasing the domain.
What is a Domain:? A domain is a name for your blog likely every human being having their names to identify them, Domains are also an identifier on the web for your blog A domain is a name for your blog likely every human being having their names to identify them, Domains are also an identifier on the web for your blog
here are some examples for domain names…,,,, etc…

How can we buy Domain Name? How can we buy Domain Name? We can buy the domain names at domain providers, there are a lot of domains providing companies available. We have to choose the right domain provider as per our budget. Some companies provide free domains and some companies provide premium domains, you can choose whatever you want but I recommend you to go with paid stuff always.

free domain providers:

Apart from this all free domain name providers, there are some Hosting providers who also will provide free domains along with their premium hosting plans. eg: Godaddy, Hostgator, hosting, Bluehost, etc…
This is a better option to go with free domains coming along with premium hosting plans. now we are going to know about some premium domain name providers, they are really effective.

Paid/Premium Domains:

6.WP Engine
7.A2 Hosting
And many more on the list but these are the familiar hosting providers. I recommend you to go with paid domain names and use them for better results as you expect.

2.Choosing Web Hosting for your Blog

After we purchase the Domain name we have to purchase hosting space in the server to make our blog live on the internet. So it’s a crucial part of choosing the best hosting provider because your Blog performance totally depends on your hosting. If you host your Blog on the best hosting server, the Blog loading speed be better and pages loads faster. fast Loading Blog brings a dramatic change in rankings and gets traffic to your Blog. So when you choosing a hosting provider must go with paid hosting, But I am listing some free hosting providers because some people use free hosting. check the free hosting providers.

Free Hosting Providers

There are a lot more free hosting providers on the internet, you search and use them.

Some Best paid Web Hosting providers mostly used:
There are a number of paid hosting providers out there but I am going to name a few here that I know, but your search on the internet and you can find many companies providing paid hosting.

Paid Hosting Providers:

5.A2 Hosting
7.WP Engine
After you buy the domain name and hosting, you have to connect them both together. If the domain and hosting purchase in one hosting provider, it would be very easy to set up, but if you buy the domain and hosting from different sources, it would be a little tricky part to connect them. If you don’t know how to connect your domain and hosting together, you can contact your hosting providers they can set up your hosting and domain. But connecting Domain to hosting is very easy, just you have to do is copy the DNS of your domain name and paste it on your hosting.

3.Select and Install a suitable CMS(WordPress):

Finally, we have a domain and a hosting, now we need a CMS to launch our blog. let’s see the process of setting CMS. First, we need to know about CMS.
What is CMS? : CMS – Content Management System, which allows us to create a website without the need for any code. We can customize our website in the Drag and Drop method.
Example: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc…,
WordPress: WordPress is the most popular CMS platform because it is open-source, free, and easy to install, customize, lot of themes available for free. 35% of the internet powered by WordPress.

4.Choosing a right theme for your CMS:

In our case I am talking about WordPress themes, there are many WordPress blogger theme providers on the internet providing free and paid themes. Here I am listing some familiar theme providers, they are providing free and paid themes. I recommend going with paid themes instead of free because paid themes will have more features.

WordPress Theme Providers:
1.Elegent themes –
2.Studio Press –
3.WPMU Dev –
4.Graph Paper Press –
5.MyThemeShop –
6.iThemes –
7.Themify –
8.CSS Igniter –
9.Tesla Themes –
10.Theme Zilla –

Search on the internet you can find many theme providers, you can purchase the themes as per your requirements, install it, and use.
After you install the theme, you have to install plugins.

5.Choose Plugins:

What is a Plugin? A plugin is a piece of software, which helps in enlarging the functionality of a Blog/Website. We need to install plugins and use them to expand the functionality of our website. paid and free plugins are available. Since the paid plugins have extra features, using the paid plugins is the best choice.

YoastSEO Plugin:

a) This is available in paid and free versions.
b) It is used for SEO, it helps to boost your SEO.

Updraft plus plugin:

a) Free and premium versions available.
b) It is used to create automatic backups and stores on the cloud.

WP Rocket Plugin:

a) It helps speed up your webpages loading time.
b) It may not be free.

Elementor Plugin:

a) It is available in free and paid versions.
b) It is used to build pages and posts on WordPress. We can customize our website with Elementor in Drag and Drop method.

WP Forms Plugin:

a) Free and paid versions are available.
b) It is a wonderful plugin to create contact forms with just drag and drop process.
c) Paid version has extra features.

Redirection Plugin:

a) It is a free plugin.
b) It is used to set up redirection solutions to your website.
c) It can check broken links on your website.


Every WordPress based website owner must use these plugins and I recommend premium plugins for extra features.
Almost we completed our Website/Blog setup using the WordPress platform. Now we need to create unique content on our specific niche/topic.

6.Create Unique Content:

What we have learned so far is one step, but now what I am going to talk about is another important step. Yes.! Creating content for a blog is very important because all your traffic, rankings, and earnings depend only on your content so that it is said content is rules the web. While you are creating the content keep in mind these key points.

Points to remember when creating Content

1. Create unique content.
2. Avoid duplicate and thin content.
3. Create value-added and informational content.
4. Use keywords related to your content.
5. Add infographics to your content.
6. Content length should not be less than 1000 words.
7. Your content should be readable and simple. avoid spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.
Finally, we finished creating our WordPress based Blog and we put some awesome content on it, the next step is to take to promote that content. So let’s have some awareness on promoting content in different ways.
Note: Add an SSL Certificate to your website to secure your website. SSL Certificate gives https to your site. https is one of the ranking factors.

2.How to promote your content

promote your content

It is a necessary thing to promote your content on various ways to get more traffic to your blog because there will be chances to earn money on the basis of how much traffic you are getting to your blog.

Here are some ways to promote your content:
2.Social Media Engagement
3.Guest posting / Article submissions
4.Video Promotions
5.E-Mail Marketing
6.Press Releases

Let’s know the depth concepts.


a).Backlinks generally being created for link building to increase the domain authority but through that backlinks, we can get traffic also and we can promote our content effectively.
b). When you are creating backlinks on other websites, you will be allowed to add some content on those websites along with your domain links.
c). We can promote our content on web 2.0 sites very easily but it is not suggested.

Social Media Engagement:

involvement in Social Media Engagement is the most effective way to promote your content.
Creating your profiles on Social Media platforms and share your content, you can get huge traffic to your blog.

Best Content Sharing Platforms on social Media:

a) Facebook
b) twitter
c) Whatsaap Groups
d) LinkedIn
e) blogger
f) Instagram
g) Messenger
h) Quora
i) WeChat
j) Tumblr
k) Reddit
l) Pinterest
m) telegram
n) Medium
And many more Social Platforms are there you can find them on the internet.

Guest posting / Article submissions:

Guest posting is a method to promote your content by posting your articles on other reputed websites, those are very popular on the internet.

Process of Guest Posting:

1. Simply write an article about your niche and post it on guest posting/ article posting sites. Which brings you tremendous traffic.
2. There are free and paid Guest posting sites available on the internet. In paid promotion, your content will be given high priority and those websites will have huge traffic driving websites.

Some Guest Posting Sites:

5.Content Marketing Institue
6.Smashing Magazine
9.Daily Blog Tips
10.The Huffington Post

Video Promotions:

You may think that we are talking about the Blog’s content promotion but What is this Video promotion? How we do that?
It’s very simple promoting your content on videos, Create an account on video sharing platforms like Youtube, etc..,
Make a short video of your content and post it on that platforms and you can ask the viewers to visit your site for more information, and you can add the website link in the video description. There might be possible chances to get visits.

Here are some Video Marketing Platforms:

You can find more Video sharing sites on the internet.

E-Mail Marketing:

Email also is one of the most effective strategies in content promotions. We need to use some E-Mail Marketing providers and start sending emails to our targeted audience.

E- Mail Marketing Providers:


Press Release:

Press Release is the way to release your content on huge traffic driving websites as current news.
They promote your content on their authority sites hence there are high chances to get more traffic to your and paid PR Sites available.

Some Press Release Sites:

Apart from all these, we have some paid promotion platforms.

Some paid content promotion platforms:

Through all these platforms we promote our content, it takes a lot of time and needs more patience but we can be successful by doing all these.

3.Scaling your Website/ Blog Performance:

scale your website peformance

Scaling your website performance is a crucial role in Blogging or any other Bussiness because, if we know how our website performing then we can take the next steps to do with our site.
In our case, we can apply for Adsense if we get at least 10,000 visitors per month to our Blog.
For scaling blog traffic and performance, we can use the Google Analytics free tool of Google.
Integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console to measure your blog performance.

4.Turn your random users as your Subscribers


Create a subscription part in your blog and ask the users to subscribe to get the latest blog posts from you.
Through user subscriptions, you can get their E-Mail ids and start sending emails about your latest blog posts. Thus you can turn your random users into your subscribers.

5.How to Make your Blog Profitable/earn money:

.How to Make your Blog Profitable/earn money

if you are getting enough traffic to your blog, then your blog is eligible for earning.

Ways to earn with your Blog:

There 3 ways to earn money from your blog
1.Google Ads
2.Buy & Sell Ads
3.Affiliate Marketing

Google Ads

This is a legitimate platform from Google, we can earn with Google Ads if they display in our website.
In this process, Google will display ads on our websites and pay some amount on the basis of impressions and clicks on those ads.
If we want to get displayed those ads on our blog, our blog needs to get approved by Google Adsense, for Adsense approval we need to get 10,000 visitors per month. then the only AdSense will approve and display ads.

Buy & Sell Ads

These ads are different from Google Ads, In Google ads, Google AdWords platform displays ads dynamically on our blogs and pays some amount but Buy & Sell ads are not like the Google Ads. in these ads advertisers those who want to display their ads on your blog, they pay some amount to you and place ads on your website, these ads are called Buy & Sell ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn from a blog. In affiliate marketing, we will be associated with some e-commerce websites or services and promote their products or services, if any sales are done through our website we will be paid some commission. There are many bloggers are earning a decent amount of money from Affiliate Marketing.


I appreciate your patience, that you read the complete article. I hope you will get complete awareness on blogging and earning through it.
I covered almost all the information for the newbie needed.
Share this articles to others who wanted to start a new Blog.

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How to start a Blog | How to make money Blogging
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How to start a Blog | How to make money Blogging
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