What is Digital Marketing|Concepts of Internet Marketing|Traditional vs Digital Marketing

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What is Digital Marketing

digital marketing

In 2021, Everyone must know what is Digital Marketing and how the Digital Marketing works since the Digital Marketing strategy  has become a great option for Marketers to promote their Businesses on internet because it is the low investment and getting high returns on investments marketing strategy.

Nowadays Every business appearing on internet such as products, services and content, in order to get promoted and presence of online. This is called Digitalized.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a Marketing strategy that uses digital devices and technologies utilizing Internet.

Marketers promote their products, services and content using digital devices such as Desktops, Laptops, Mobile phones as well as digital Technologies such as web Applications(Websites), Social Media Applications(Web and Mobile Apps).

Why Marketers prefer Digital Marketing instead of Traditional Marketing ?

There many reasons behind the Marketers to prefer Digital Marketing, Mainly few reasons are making marketers to choose Digital Marketing.


1. Targeting right Audience

2. Customer Engagement/ interaction

3. Guarantee Returns on Investments

4. Customer retention

5. Low Investment

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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Metric Traditional/Paper ads(DC) Digital Marketing
Target Audience Low Very High
Reach 1,333,668 Millions/Billions
Engagement Zero Very High
Investment Very Expensive Very Low
ROI No Guarantee High Returns

Is Traditional Marketing going to end ?

My answer is always No.! Because still Traditional Marketing in trend in the form of Billboards, Print Media(News papers and Magazines), TV ads, Radio ads, Telecommunications, Flyers and Brochures, sales people and Word of mouth marketing. We can find anywhere this type of Traditional Marketing Methods around us everyday.


1. If we observe while we are driving on the road in any metro city or small town, we can find Billboards and flex ads hanging beside roads on signal towers, flyover pullers, tall gates and huge buildings.

2. These Billboards and flex ads are used by marketers to promote their business close to  their physical locations. It is still on trend and help giving high returns. But in this strategy the investment would be very expensive when we compare to Digital Marketing.

News Papers & Magazines:

1. News papers and Magazines ads are still popular. Everyday we can see ads on news papers on front pages, inner pages and classified sections. But this is very expensive, If you want to advertise your ad on DC(Deccan Chronicle) News paper in India, it would cost you around 10,000 to 50,000 Indian rupees per a single ad. some time this could extend to more because of the ad size.

2. In this ads customer interaction will be low and we can’t target right audience for our businesses and there would not be any guarantee on ROI.

TV & Radio Ads:

1. Some people assume TV and Radio advertising also a Digital Marketing Tactic but a decade ago TV was not a digital Marketing device because we could not utilize internet on TV and could not access websites and Mobile apps but in 2020, the total picture has been changed. android TVs are released in the market.

2. In early 2014, Google introduced Android TVs called Smart TVs. Later many companies such as Sony, Hi-sense, Sharp, Philips and One-plus came in the picture marketing Smart TVs. We can access websites Mobile Apps on smart TVs utilizing Internet.Thus the TVs became a Digital Marketing Device.

3.But Radio is not a digital marketing device We advertise our ads on Radio but the reach, targeting right audience, user engagement and returns will be very low while the cost is very high. 

tv and radio marketing

Flyers & Brochures:

1. Often we can see everywhere in the cities and small towns in the streets, near shopping malls, Hotels, Educational Institutions and many other places people distribute flyers and brochures to promote their businesses. 

2. It was a most effective traditional marketing tactic a decade ago but now it is less preferred because we can’t get any results through this, but in some places it is still beneficial for some purposes. 

Refferal/ Word of Mouth:

1. This was a ancient marketing method worked out widely. In 1980’s and 90’s Referrals or word of mouth marketing strategy played a great role in the marketing sector. People used to believe on word of mouths and purchase the products. 

2. Nowadays this kind of tactic almost doesn’t work because Digital Marketing booming around.

word of mouth marketing


1. Tele-Marketing is one of most effective traditional marketing tactic then and now.

2. In Tele Marketing people deliver the prepared sales talks with costumers and convert them to purchase their products and services through tele phonic communication.

3. But in this strategy we can’t expect the guarantee returns because we can’t target right audience and reach also will be very low but very expensive.

tele communication marketing

All these Traditional Marketing tactics are still surviving and useful. But main disadvantages are not able to target right audience, reach more people, Costumer Engagement and ROI also very low while comparing Digital Marketing so most of the  marketers are preffering digital marketing. 

Top Reasons of the Growth of Digital Marketing

These are most top reasons that make Digital Marketing booming around the world. Know about these growth factors impacting  the digital Marketing.  let’s have look at them.

Rise of Internet Users:

1. Though the internet era started in 1960 by sending a email on internet, the file transferring on the internet was started in 1970.

2. In 1989, the World Wide Web introduced by Tim-Berner Lee an English scientist. in 1990 Berner lee introduced the first web browser and published his World’s first website on the internet, at time only few computers were connected to the network around the world.

3. But now in 2020, 62% of the world population are using the internet and 1.74 Billion websites live on internet in 2021, so that is made very easy to  the marketers to reach people all over the world  in order to promote their businesses.

4. As the internet users increased rapidly, online marketing strategies are increasingly widespread.

5. Every thing  now available on the internet to from the e commerce websites such as Amazon, flip kart, Alibaba and the list will be endless.

6. We can purchase anything from online, Electronics to clothes, groceries to accessories, food to stationary and every thing that you need will be available on internet marketing. this how the digital marketing is booming everywhere in the world.  

rise of internet users

Social Media Evolution:

1. Social Media has become a major platform for Marketers to promote their services. Every day Millions of people around the world are spending their time on Social Media.

2. In 2021, 3.8 million people are using social media. it is the 50% of the world population.

3. Each day every user spend their average time  on Social Media is 2 hours and 30 mins as per the datareportal.

4. Here are some Social Media Platforms, those have more than one billion active users.

4. Due to the high use of Social Media, we able to reach a large number of people using Digital Marketing strategies on Social Media.

social media marketing

Choosing Right Audience:

1. Marketers use some methods in order to promote their business such as SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM and E Mail Marketing. In each method they can target the specific audience related to their businesses, this is the great thing in Digital Marketing.

2. When right audience are targeted, the costumer engagement and retention will be in high. We can able to convert our users as our regular costumers easily.

3. For example Google ads, where we can use our keywords to target  right audience. When a user searches for that keyword our ad will be triggered.This is how we can reduce unnecessary audience.

4. By choosing the right audience, our business will have high conversions withing low budget and withing a span of  time, This is one of the most common reason in booming of Digital Marketing. 

Vast Reaching:

1. In order to get more sales or conversions, the business must need to reach widely. The higher the reach of business, the higher ti’s sales and publicity.

2. Due to the wider reachability in Digital Marketing, the sales and publicity will be in high. this is the main reason that marketers prefer Digital Marketing instead Traditional Marketing.

3. We can all kinds of users like Social Media users, search engines and their search partners. We can reach through email marketing too. 

High Retention/ Engagement:

1. User retention and engagement is very important for every business in order to increase their sales. In Digital Marketing possibilities of retention and user engagement is very high.

2. By News Letters , emails, messengers, chat-bots, we can retain our users and convert them as our costumers. This is the great advantage in Digital Marketing.

Low Expensive:

1. Investment in Digital Marketing is always low when comparing Traditional Marketing.

2. We can perform paid and Organic (free) promotions in Digital Marketing. We can get guarantee returns on paid and organic promotions.

Concepts of Digital Marketing:

Here are the some effective Digital Marketing Concepts mentioned below, these digital marketing channels are very essencial for every marketer should use to get expected results.

1. Search Engine Optimization - SEO

2. Search Engine Marketing - SEM

3. Social Media Optimization - SMO

4. Social Media Marketing - SMM

5. E Mail Marketing

6. Affiliate arketing

We can divide Digital Marketing into two parts.

Organic Marketing:

1. In Organic Marketing we promote our products, services and content organically, which means without spending any money.

2.The Popular organic methods are SEO, SMO and E Mail Marketing.

Paid Marketing:

1. In paid marketing, marketers usually pay for advertising platforms such as search engines, social media platforms and some popular website owners.

2. Paid ads will work on impressions and clicks basis.

3. The familiar paid marketing methods are SEM, SMM.

Let’s have the brief awareness on paid and free marketing methods..!


1. SEO, stands for search engine optimization, We can promote our products, services and content on search engines through web applications/websites.

2. In this method, we optimize websites according to the algorithms of search engines in order to get appeared on the first position of search engines results pages.

2. 98 % of search engine users click on the websites, those appear  in first page, first 3 results. so it is very important to be get appeared in first page.

3. There are 3 optimization factors in SEO in order get appeared on first position, are On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO, click here to learn complete knoeledge on SEO


1. SMO- stands for social media optimization. This one of most effective platform to promote services, products and content on the internet because millions of users are spending hours of hours of  their time on the social around the world.

2. We can promote our businesses on social media platforms by craeting business profiles and business pages on social media applications and we can publish our business details to reach the large number people all over the world. Check some of most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, whats app etc…, Learn more on SMO

E- Mail Marketing:

1. It is one the most important organic marketing strategy for marketers. In this method, marketers send emails to promote their businesses their costumers their and try to retain their costumesr stick to their business.

2. Marketers can turn their random users into regular costumers by using E Mail Marketing.

3. There are free email marketing tools as well as paid tools available, marketers can use the tools, those are meet their business requirements. Learn more about E-Mail Marketing here.   

Video Marketing:

1. Marketers use Video Marketing widely to promote their business because there is huge scope to get user attention and engagement through videos.

2. Marketers prepare their videos and select suitable video marketing websites on internet and publish their videos.

3. There are free and paid video marketing websites are available. some famous sites are, YouTube, Facebook, Video Brewery, Flip-board, Shopify, Sprout video etc..,


1. SEM- Search Engine Marketing id the paid marketing method of saerch enginessuch as Google(Google ads), Bing(Bing ads).

2. This is called as PPC(Pay Per Click) also. In this method marketers pay to the advertising platforms to promote their products, services and content on the basis of impressions and clicks. if a user click on a ad on search engine advertising platform, that ad related marketers have to pay, how much that ad keyword holding the cost to the advertising platforms. 

3. This most effective and ROI guarantee marketing method. Know more about Google ads here


1. SMM- Social Media Marketing is the paid marketing method of social media platform. As we discussed before social media free promotions give huge reponse, Social Media Marketing is also a wonderful marketing strategy to get heavy traffic on social media around the world.

2. Some social media paid marketing tools are Facebook, twitter, linked In, Instagram, TikTok etc..,

3. Marketers pay for social media platform to promote their services,products and content.

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